Perfect Meeting Station
in Japan!

Have you ever been troubled by deciding on a meeting station for gatherings with friends, whether it’s for drinks, lunch, or tea, depending on who joins?
Kokone is the web service that will help you find the perfect meeting station in Japan.

Find Convenient Meeting Stations for Everyone

Just by entering the departure station for everyone, Kokone's unique algorithm will propose the optimal meeting station at the midpoint, taking into consideration both "average travel time" and "equality of travel time."

Find Stations that Match Your Meeting Purpose

By specifying the purpose of your gathering, such as a drinking party, lunch, or karaoke, Kokone prioritizes "stations with many spots that match your purpose" as candidate stations.

Find Information About Nearby Spots

Kokone provides information not only about the gathering station but also about spots around it. You can complete the entire process from "choosing the gathering station" to "selecting the spots you want to visit" on Kokone.